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For real time mission critical deployment, contingency management and dynamic UAV, EVTOL and ESTOL Advanced Air Mobility engagement.

We’re changing the way people think about air transportation & navigation.

The Airspace Systems team is one of the core engineering teams at Lotus Aerospace. The airspace systems team is enabling safe, reliable, large-scale and efficient airspace operations for our clients and is delivering advanced engineering solutions. We are adept at utilising advanced computer science and hardware installations to create optimised, systematic and time critical stable implementations across the aerospace sector.

We actively engage in coordination with stakeholders particularly Regulators, OEM’s, Aviation Operators, ATC Core systems operators and avionics teams, to create inter operational, safe & robust and world class systems for the aerospace industry.

Our Managed Systems, Integration and Technology Innovation led approach, allows us to rapidly respond to the challenges and be a partner of choice. We use the very latest in global technologies and thematic approaches to make aerospace concepts and integrations a reality. Our teams have the skill, technical expertise, discipline and extended strategic alliances, to test and develop, interoperable aerospace systems.

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